Global Marketplace

Welcome to the 2019 Marin County Fair — Over The Moon!

Join us for the beloved Marin County Fair! This year’s Fair celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing as well as some of the things we value most in our community: family, art, agriculture, and the environment.

The Global Marketplace will feature products and services from around the globe. The Marin County Fair continues its legacy of being The Greenest County Fair on Earth by requesting that Fair vendors use biodegradable or re-usable bags for merchandise, and that all food samples be served with compostable containers and utensils. Other tips for “being green” are included in the Global Marketplace Handbook.

The Global Marketplace Handbook was designed to provide all the necessary information you will need both before and during the Fair. It is the responsibility of each vendor to read the Handbook, know the rules, and to abide by them while at the Marin County Fair.

We expect over 120,000 fairgoers to attend. We are partners with you in welcoming Fair guests to the Marin County Fair and ensuring that their Fair experience is pleasant and entertaining.

We look forward to having your business or organization as an integral part of the Global Marketplace at the 2019 Marin County Fair — Over the Moon! July 3 - July 7.